Garden Progress

Updates from April 2018

Many thanks to Sue, Catherine, Nigel, Steve, Ali, George, Peter, Vicky, Pam, Kathryn and Denzel who turned out to progress improvements in the Secret Garden. Once again fortified by tea and cakes from Pam - much appreciated!!!!

The day started misty but we had sunshine by mid morning and made further progress in preparing box beds for summer planting; clearing of borders and ivy on stonework; installing wires on south facing High Wall.

Experts at work

and apprentice
Plants being replanted from cleared beds

Ivy removal on main walk

First of the vine wires on High Wall

First Box Beds planting
and the second

hottest day of the year

West Wall after ivy removal by Lee and Jamal from Stonecraft contractor to Banes

Lee working on the last ivy covered pillar ready for height reduction

That's a lot of ivy!!!
New compost bins completed saturday 21st

First climber next to vine wires on High Wall

Box hedges after first trim and initial planting

Updates from May Working Party

Secret Garden Work party, 12th May Spring has well and truly sprung and everything in the garden is growing. We had a glorious May morning on the 12th and the Batheaston Garden Group ran a plant swap by the footbridge. We also encouraged donations to the Secret Garden regeneration and raised £47 from the public. Thanks to Sue, Nigel, Wendy, Steve, Ali, Jean, Peter, Kathryn, Elizabeth, Catherine G, Catherine M and Pam for contributing this month Work continues to clear the box beds and the borders in the formal walk. The planting of the box beds will be completed in the next few weeks. Between us we have now donated 175 hours of time

Plants arriving for the swap

Work continues clearing formal walk borders

Gravel boards in place for half of the formal walk path

Fourth Working Party Sunday 10th June

Progress now evident in many areas thanks to regular visits by Catherine and Sue in particular. Joined by Celia, Nigel and Peter on Sunday and again supported by Pam's refreshments.

The box beds are planted and ready to blossom

Climber next to vine wires showing good growth

A very generous donation from Mumfords vineyard that is hoped to provide refreshment in future years
If you would like to help this project please email 
Even short visits to deadhead roses will be helpful - we will plan regular days when members of the Garden Team will be present as well as the monthly Working Parties.