Your Parish Council is fully aware of the great potential that the Riverside area could provide and has many exciting plans to improve this wonderful space for the benefit of our local Community

Progress before CAT completion.

Public Toilet

An accessible toilet was opened in April 2016 which after many years of closure required major refurbishment. 

This included the installation of a time controlled pay to enter security door, an automatic hand wash and dryer, new tiling of walls and ceiling and upgrade to emergency light and emergency call systems. 

Despite labour being provided at no cost by certain experienced Councillors the work still cost over £8000 which was funded from the Annual Precept by the Parish Council and  gratefully supported by discretionary grants from the Ward Councillors.

Accessible toilet now open - other units awaiting refurbishment

Security on the site had been a concern due to previous occasional vandalism, so a four way CCTV system with remote access and recording was installed during 2017 in preparation for improvement works planned after the CAT start date.


Clearance of brambles and nettles alongside the river started late in 2016 and grassed areas were leveled and seeded and damaged trees removed by professionals. This was funded by BPC.

Brambles and nettles blocked views and prevented access - June 2016

Contractor has removed overgrowth prior to rotorvating, leveling and reseeding

Although seeded late in the year the new grass has grown well and the banks have been usable from early in 2017.

Early spring with new grass coming through

Further improvements to the riverbanks are planned now the CAT is operative. This will include new seating and picnic tables and further trimming of the riverside trees to enhance views and accessibility.

Next stages


Selection of bench seats and tables and purchase and installation by early summer is planned.
A number of these have been funded by residents and will carry a small plaque in memory of a loved one.

Exercise equipment

Four variable resistance exercise machines have been ordered for installation in the upper car park area at the north end of the bridge next to the secret garden

This high specification Outdoor Gym Equipment will be freely available for casual use by all residents and visitors and is hoped to encourage exercise by all ages from 9 to 99.

Regretably this order was cancelled by BPC. The minute recording this decision can be found in the Council Minutes dated 24 August 2018. 

Boating jetty

The old jetty has been cleared and is already used by canoeists and other boaters and provides access to the whole stretch of the river Avon between Bathampton Weir and Claverton pumping station.

It is hoped to upgrade this jetty for easier use by those hand launching small craft. Slipway access for trailer launching is not planned for the future.

Walking paths

Batheaston is a focus point for walking in the hills and valleys around the eastern side of Bath

surrounded by the hills of eastern Bath
The Cotswold Wardens do a wonderful job in maintaining footpaths stiles and gates around the village and erecting signs to direct walkers along the many path and bridleways.

Part of the Limestone Link runs through the Riverside on the north side of the Avon and provides a gentle flat walk along to the Weir and back along the new foot/cycle path and the bridge.

Further improvements to signage and access are being applied for as part of the Bathscape and Waterspace projects.

Although strictly in Bathampton immediately across the footbridge is the area known as Bathampton Meadows Riverside. This area is managed by Volunteers for the benefit of the local Community and the local wildlife. Many of the Volunteers are from our village and work closely with BPC.

Nearby is a wildlife reserve that was formed during the building of the By-pass also has potential for benefits to our community and improved access is under discussion.